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Do Not Let Moving House Affect Your Work or Personal Life

13 May 2016 / Lin-Finn

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Moving house is a big step for anyone. Whether you are buying a house and moving into it, or moving from one rental to another, there are tonnes of things to do and take care of. Ask someone who’s moved before about their experience, and you are likely to hear a long list of complaints about how difficult their move was. And it is true; moving can be highly stressful, especially among states, if you don’t plan well. In this article, it will suggest few moving tips by some professional interstate removalists.

The last thing you need is for your move to take its toll on your professional and personal life. This could come in the way of lower productivity at work, failure to meet deadlines, time off work to take care of the move and so on. Let delegate all tasks to some interstate removals service. On the personal front, moving is the time when tensions run high and you find that both your partner/spouse and you are stressed out, tired, and arguing about everything. Not really a pleasant home atmosphere. Read on to know how to avoid such nightmares and ensure that your move does not affect your work or personal life. There are suggestions that I found fairly useful from interstate removalists reviews

Hire Professionals to Do the Job for You

When people do not hire a moving company to haul and move their stuff, their reasoning is that they are trying to save some money. Okay, that is understandable. But what they don’t seem to factor in is the hidden costs involved when they do the moving themselves. Let us start with time. The phrase ‘time is money’ comes to mind when thinking about this scenario. If you take a day off work to do the moving, you are going to be losing a day’s worth of pay. Moreover, no matter how accommodating your company/boss is, they all have their limits. If you are constantly taking off from work to take care of your personal business, that will reflect poorly on you like you lack professionalism. Is it really worth it? A simple solution would be to hire a moving company to do the biggest, most difficult part of the moving process for you. Another factor to keep in mind is that hiring a moving company will ensure that while they take care of that job, you and your spouse/partner are free to figure out all the other logistics.

Delegate and Separate Chores

Make a list of to-do things and split the chores between your spouse/partner and you. One of you takes care of informing companies and organisations about your change of address while the other person can contact moving companies and ask for price quotes. Doing this ensures that you both have a clear picture of what needs to be done and who is taking care of what. This simple step will help avoid arguments and keep you focused on making the move efficiently.

Make Up for Any Lost Time at Work

If it looks like you’ll be needing a couple of days off to supervise and take care of the moving, talk to your boss or HR department and see if you can make up for the lost time. You can maybe work on a weekend or put in extra hours to make up for those two days. Doing this will garner you a good reputation as someone that is reliable and hard working.

Ask for Help

If things are getting too overwhelming, do not hesitate to reach out to people and ask for help. Your friends and family can be roped in to babysit the kids while you move, you can also enquire with your moving company as to whether they also have options for a ‘packing and moving’ package. If they do, you should consider opting for it. Then the only thing you need to worry about will be mostly stuff that you can get done over the phone. Another great idea is to try to find people on your local job sites. From a cleaner to a carpet steam-cleaning service, you can find everything that you need. So be prepared to ask people for assistance. It’s better than wearing yourself out and falling behind at work.

Use an App to Help You Organise Your Move

There are a lot of apps available that help you plan and organise your move. These apps help you take inventory of your things and keep track of them in a super-efficient, easy manner. With options such as built-in barcode scanners and label makers, apps can be your best friend when it’s time to move.

Try to Work Around Your Work Schedule

As much as possible, try to do all your moving-related things on non-office hours. Or at least during lunch breaks and coffee breaks. Call up your utility companies to get your phone, Internet, gas, and electricity sorted out during your lunch break. Call up moving companies and ask for quotes during your coffee break. A big chunk of your to-do items can be checked off by doing them during non-office hours. Not having the move affect your work productivity must be a top priority for you.

Discuss with Your Spouse/Partner Before Getting Rid of Something

Moving is the perfect time to get rid of any old furniture or any outdated clothes that you might own. But before you grab a garbage bag and start dumping everything that you think is clutter, check with your partner/spouse to make sure they are okay with getting rid of it. That old lamp that doesn’t work? Maybe your partner has sentimental attachments to it and was planning to get it fixed at some point. Seemingly little things like these could blow up into full blown arguments or fights. So avoid this by checking with your partner about anything that you think should be dumped.

Get All Important Documents Printed Out and Saved as A Hard Copy and Vice Versa

Finally, get everything printed out and saved as a hard copy and vice versa. From the lease agreement to any receipts, have everything saved as both a hard as well as a soft copy. This ensures that you have a backup and is one less thing to worry about.